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Athena Ambassadors

To further our mission ATHENA PowerLink Orlando, has recruited a group of prominent women-business owners we are designating as ATHENA Ambassadors. These women are all role models who have broken the seemingly impossible $1M revenue barrier. They help to promote ATHENA PowerLink in the community, identify potential candidates, and serve as mentors to graduates of the program.

Athena Ambassadors:

Leila Nodarse, Nodarse & Associates
Jill S. Schwartz, Jill S. Schwartz & Associates, P.A.
Sandra Saft, Window Interiors
Stacy Ethun Stevens, Park Avenue Group
Shari Dingle Sandifer, Avant Healthcare Professionals
Shannon Brouillette, CFO Strategic Partners
Susan Johnson, Bella
Carmen Dominguez, Carmen Dominguez Construction
Nekeya Nunn, The Labor Pros

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